Any fanboy of United Parcel Service knows that they love one thing and one thing only: logistics.好,如果你对协调复杂系统有同样的热情,尤其是通过货物运输的角度,有好消息在眼前。Devir USA's new gameRhein: River Tradeattempts to capture the glory and intrigue of freighting,all within the confines of a humble cardboard box.It's actually sort of meta when you think 威廉希尔官网注册about it.

尽管如此,as geeky as this may all sound,当我听说有一个游戏致力于复杂的航运实践时,我变得非常,very兴奋的。DoesRhein: River Trade发出(呻吟)还是应该在邮件中丢失的东西?

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With the colossal implosion of Fyre Fest and the premiere of HBO's new Bernie Madoff biopic,欺诈行为似乎非常重要。有充分的理由:我们喜欢我们的白领罪犯被绊倒。毕竟,there's something exhilarating 威廉希尔官网注册about watching a con take off soaringly,只是在自己狂妄自大的重压下撞到了地上。对,见证这一切是一种纯粹的快乐——至少只要我们的钱不被乱七八糟的事情缠住(对不起,凯文贝肯)






去年,我气喘吁吁地从我的收藏中编辑了一些我最喜欢的游戏,并在一篇我没有创造性标题的文章中把它们呈现给博客圈。"一堆你应该玩的棋盘游戏." Well,我对游戏的痴迷持续增长(说得温和点)。现在我又带着一系列的游戏回来尝试,买,或者至少考虑一下。黑色星期五就在拐角处,这是我能做的最起码的帮助那些最需要零售治疗。

现在,说句公道话,这不是有史以来最好的游戏的最终列表。更确切地说,在我的收藏中随意漫步,就像书呆子版的Cribz.唯一缺少的就是玛丽亚·凯里在某个地方享受着泡泡浴。尽管如此,如果我没有对我最感兴趣的事情大言不惭,我就不会成为一个好的博客写手,威廉希尔官网注册and for now,那就意味着在游戏中胡说八道。威廉希尔官网注册看看清单,一定要权衡一下你的意见…

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As I've tumbled down the slippery slope of the gaming hobby,I've encountered,反抗,and ultimately succumbed to a phenomenon called "The Cult of the New." It's a terrible,可怕的痛苦让游戏玩家像僵尸一样成群结队地涌向新的、令人兴奋的、从流水线上滚下来的游戏。然而,this comes at the expense of older,同样令人印象深刻的选择,which can be overlooked in the mad scramble for fresh,新玩物

Thankfully,为了把小麦和谷壳分开,有很多游戏播客,威廉希尔中国注册and one of them,秘密阴谋集团游戏播客,最近报道了一个来自中卫的绝妙游戏,叫做世界铁路马丁·华莱士。他们的热情是肆无忌惮的,委婉地说。Here was a game that promised excellent strategy,交互作用,components,和多样性-他们一直以来的最爱之一。


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The苹果到苹果党的游戏模式已经成为一种久经考验的真实形式,弄脏反人类的卡片and performative with雇佣者,在其他中。EvenDixit它的异想天开的DNA有点归功于现在的标志性游戏。

对于没有经验的人,苹果到苹果has players offering up a word that best exemplifies an adjective,由轮组长选择获胜的选项。结果一般都很搞笑,但过了一会儿,当相同的选项一次又一次弹出时,这种刺激感会逐渐消失。这是最明显的反人类的卡片,他们的挑逗性进攻在两个疗程内变成了陈腐的笑话。

Variety is what ultimately kills these games — or at least removes some of their luster — but a new entry in the genre seems to have found an ingenious workaround.The game is called带上你自己的书,它呼吸着欢笑,intelligent new life into the party game scene.

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ADVENTURES IN GAMING: Scoville Labs Edition


我喜欢吃辛辣的食物。Whether it's an elaborate Thai meal from legendary Los Angeles institutionJitlada或者一个下午jalape_o鸡尾酒和点心,我很喜欢这个过程不管在这个过程中我会销毁多少餐巾纸和组织。自然地,关于辣味的游戏威廉希尔官网注册——或者,更具体地说,chiles — would certainly pique my curiosity.

对于没有经验的人,spiciness is measured in Scoville units,卡罗莱纳收割者保持了最辣辣椒的记录。Scoville units are also the inspiration behind the adorably cutthroat gameScovilleand its expansion,斯科维尔实验室,两位都是Ed Marriott。在基础赛中,players plant peppers,收获杂交品种,用他们的奖金在当地的辣椒比赛中赢得赞誉,除此之外。It's a delightful game,但在高球员数的情况下,对有限资源的竞争会变得非常激烈,让一些人沮丧,因为他们的苏格兰帽梦想在火焰中熄灭。

幸运的是,斯科维尔实验室目的是让锅里的压力释放出来。Tasty Minstrel Games was kind enough to send me a review copy.Does实验室像加点卡宴一样改进配方?还是像哈瓦那冰沙一样消灭味蕾?Thoughts after the jump…

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Back in January,when the temperatures here in Los Angeles were hitting a frigid 64 degrees,I found myself staving off the Arctic winds by holing up with my laptop and engaging in some warmth-inducing retail therapy.我买的其中一个是卑微的游戏大会堂,designed by Michael Keller and published by Tasty Minstrel Games.I had previously read some encouraging things 威廉希尔官网注册about this game — enough to make my frostbitten finger use its last sensation to tap the One-Click-Purchase button.这也有助于把游戏的价格降到15美元左右。威廉希尔官网注册For the price of a stiff Bloody Mary,I had nabbed myself a brand new board game.未来是我的。

But why was大会堂so cheap?首先,这场比赛很难看。Like,真正地ugly.We're talking a color scheme that mixes forest green with copper with champagne.别让我开始用黑板上的块状字体。就像“芝加哥”和“木炭”生了个私生子。如果很疼,大会堂绝对没有经历过痛苦。

The unfortunately reality is that people generally stay away from ugly games,尤其是如果他们很丑和城市官僚作风。威廉希尔官网注册走出大门,poor大会堂它的市场性遭到了两次打击。And then came the death knell: a lackluster review from one of an influential board game critic,他们很可能会避开大量的采购观众。把这些因素混合在一起,这场60美元的比赛被减到少于一张20美元的钞票也就不足为奇了。

This leads to the inevitable question: is大会堂丑小鸭?Or should it be voted out of office?(是的,我混合了隐喻)。Continue reading渐次



When it comes to depictions of World Wars,德国人的境遇不太好。因此,it's a bit surprising that there's a board game out there casting the Germans as protagonists during WWI.这怎么可能????盟国是,像,THE BEST.好,别让自己太激动了。第一次世界大战的道德不是娱乐的一个因素,历史游戏男爵的翅膀(即使有时你会发现自己积极地支持'穆里卡')。

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回到2015年6月,当我开始沉迷于新兴的棋盘游戏6个月时,我知道一个叫奥勒斯被提名为贾尔斯犬.In gaming parlance,这相当于接受奥斯卡的点头。好,某种程度上。The贾斯雷斯实际上是为年度比赛保留的奖项,and that award usually goes to something with broad,也许是家庭的吸引力。The肯尼斯皮尔,然而,专为更激烈的游戏而设计在某些方面更具挑战性的游戏。把它想象成手掌贾斯雷斯‘s Oscar.对于我来说,这是一个精心设计的、不必要的方式,大约六七个月前,威廉希尔官网注册我听说过威廉希尔官网注册奥勒斯,我听说很好。

好。I took a gander at some of the early reviews of奥勒斯,and after seeing the way the game played,I summarily decided that I must have it.The only problem was that the damn thing wasn't available outside of Europe.I'm a sucker for when people play hard to get,and I guess the same goes for board games because I definitely developed a crush on this bad boy.I waited patiently for months,and then finally,奥勒斯抵达美国。事实上,游戏的美国发行商,美味的吟游诗人游戏,最近给我寄了一份评论稿。我终于可以把我热切的爪子放在这场比赛上了;虽然,全面披露,我的朋友拉里在六周前买了这场比赛;所以,my eager paws had actually pawed 威廉希尔官网注册about already.但那既不在这里也不在那里。


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There aren't many board games that do double duty as Village People song puns,but黄金西部是为了顺应潮流。Admittedly,“向西走”一词也可以归功于19世纪的作家贺拉斯·格里利。但那几乎没有那么有趣。I like to think "Gold West's" designer J.亚历克斯·凯文(AlexKevern)在构思这个名字的时候,曾厚颜无耻地提到过古典迪斯科舞厅(甚至可能是宠物店男孩)。我知道我会的。

尽管如此,我总是喜欢双关语,and there's no better way to win over my good graces than some light wordplay in a game title.因此,I was particularly eager to dive into my new copy of黄金西部,出版商慷慨提供,Tasty Minstrel Games.这场比赛能夺金吗?Or would it just be another sad lump of California dirt?

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